3D Manaco uses the principles of optical imaging and binocular parallax. Through computer-board design and cooperation of optical medium, the artistic photos with 3D dynamic effects are produced. The objects in the photo are of distinct graduation and vivid. The 3D Manaco photo will have a distinct depth of field and lifelike figure. Smiles look brighter. It seems that you can more see the happiness in the photo, which reappears in the authentic space sense.
There is an order form on this page and on our Contact Us page. Fill in the information and upload your image file. You will be contacted by a service representative to complete your order and give you a price for your 3D Manaco product.
For Medium: 40 x 50 cm
527 x 627 x5 mm (20.7" x 24.6" x 2)
Weight: 5kg = 11 lbs
Cost: $1500
For Large: 60 x 80 cm
727 x 927 x 53 mm (28.6" x 36.4" x 2")
Weight: 10.5kg = 23 lbs
Cost: $2500
Lots. Talk to our 3D Manaco service representative about what you are trying to achieve. Sometimes that can mean putting in different backgrounds. It could be dual images. Or it might require some restorative manipulation of a very old image. You can isolate someone from a group to create a unique new picture. Below are examples.
Let us see what you have and we will ascertain how much sharpening and restoration of your image we can provide. We pride ourselves on a quality image being our end results. With our unique creative spirit, 3D Manaco provides excellent service for our customers.
All frames are high-quality wood. Frame styles and colors are on the side.
The quick flipping that you see in the web pictures (gifs) is to give you a sense of the depth that you will see in your 3D Manaco picture. As you move around, the picture will take on a different perspective which is caused by the 3D motion stereoscopic effect printed in the picture. This is caused by the 3D lenticular printing where images are superimposed from computer to the print press. Every place you stand the 3D effect gives you a different perspective.
There are no refunds. But before you finish your order you will have a 3D Manaco service representative working with you to create your finished product.
You will receive your 3D Manaco product packaged to especially protect your new purchase. Packages will insured in case of damage while being shipped.

File must be 10 MB or less