3D Manaco 3D photography portraits use the most complete 3D lenticular printing solution in the world to produce fine arts

  3D Manaco has an exclusive and latest designing software with strong functions and a large high-tech design team

  3D Manaco has the latest computer-to-press equipment and a high-end print press which can print the presswork at a very high resolution for the best in 3D Manaco post photography production

3D MANACO delivers 3D Pope Francis portrait to Washington Catheral in honor of his historic visit to America.

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3D MANACO portrait was warmly welcomed by Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church, Houston TX​​

“3D Manaco produces pictorial high-quality lighted three dimensional artwork from images of your choice. Turn your favorite moments into memorable stories that you can cherish for a lifetime or give as unique and personal gifts.”

Printing Technology

3D Manaco lenticular stereoscopic photos will soon be replacing the flat and plain ones of today just like the black and white images were replaced by full color photos. Lenticular printing is a multi-process consisting of creating lenticular image from at least two images and combining it with a lenticular lens. After much study and research in 3D lenticular industry, 3D Manaco has acquired the abilities of leading designing and printing of the best quality of pictures.

Better Pictures, Lower Cost

Following with great and rapid progress of computer-aided programming designs, rapid changing and developing of printing technology, costs of 3D lenticular materials become lower, as a result, as more and more delicate manufacturing technics will be created.

High Quality, New Concept

All of these make sure that we can provide the 3D lenticular pictures on world-leading level at a reasonable price. We provide a full set service of design and printing. In order to extend the applications for 3D lenticular products, we keep designing and developing new products with high-quality under new concepts.

High Resolution Photos

3D Manaco recommends that you provide an image of of at least 300dpi. This equates to a better resolution and for lenticular this means the potential for more frames of animations or more layers of depth in a 3D image.